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Joshua Spencer

I believe that the center of life is exploration, so my life is all about seeing who is out there and how they view the world. You'll find me with my camera on the floor with dogs, hanging off a balcony, or making art out of your mini-blinds. I'm always discovering new perspectives from the places and people I visit, and do so in dark clothing without a blinding flash as much as possible. You know, like a ninja.



Candace Spencer

I love working with people. I’m also a little OCD, but we’ll call it detail-oriented.  Okay, at two I was leaning out of the shopping cart, straightening candy. As it turns out, having an eye for detail and a love for people has produced years of experience with directing and designing photoshoots… and making friends while I’m at it.


Sarah Warden

I've never wanted to be an author, but photography allows me to tell a story without using words, and that I love. I first began learning about photography in high school when my dad gave me his film camera. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with creating beautiful images. Over the years I've come to see the beauty in capturing moments, big or small, that people can remember and share for the rest of their lives. I love that the moments and stories I capture can reach generations - that's why I'm a photographer.

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Ben Pulido

I'm a big picture guy. Outside of the photography world, I spend my time managing corporate client relations and logistics. I definitely bring that edge for crowd control and time management to photoshoots with me. My goal is to capture outstanding photos within the larger context of the events surrounding them. 


Collin Final

Collin Marot

I've never been one to interpret life through poetry and sketch pads, but cameras seem to unlock my creative passion. It's the details that attract my attention. I love capturing these hidden gems, overlooked by the casual observer, and sharing the inspiring beauty I find all around me.