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About Jonah Scan

Wish you could make time to digitize old photos but just can’t? Jonah can! Try Jonah Scan! I, Jonah Spencer, with the help of Lotus Creative Studios, will scan your photos to give you a digital, lasting format to enjoy favorite memories.

From the Parents

Jonah Scan is 2019’s take on a lemonade stand. As professional photographers and homeschool parents, we’re helping Jonah learn the importance of a business mindset and a strong work ethic. We’ve mixed in some scanning and photo editing techniques along with all the resources he needs to do a quality job on digitizing photos. After our help with startup, Jonah will be responsible for purchasing his own business materials, managing his finances and corresponding with his clients. We urge you to trust Jonah with restoring your family photos and try Jonah Scan! He’ll do a great job!


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Services & Pricing

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Payment Options

Jonah Scan is currently capable of receiving payments in cash (directly to Jonah) or by credit card or check. Non-cash payment methods funnel through Lotus Creative Studios on their way to Jonah. Please contact us for details!