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FREE Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots are ALWAYS a good idea. All you have to do to earn a free engagement shoot with Lotus Creative Studios is contact us from this Deal page and we'll set up a consultation to get started!

Winter Discount.png

25% off Winter Weddings

Due to the natural cycle of the wedding industry, there is a decreased demand for wedding photography in January, February and March. To offset this, we're extra warm to our friends with chilly weddings and offer a 25% discount during this beautiful off season. 

Weekday Discount.png

20% off Weekday Weddings

We're increasingly seeing brides reconsider the traditional Saturday wedding to take advantage of weekday holidays or sentimental dates. If you find yourself in this crowd, we'd like to reward you with a 20% discount, and thank you for keeping us out of trouble during the week. 

Military Discount.png

10% off for Military Personnel

With a bit of history in the military ourselves, it's our pleasure to offer a 10% discount to our fellow military family. This discount can be applied to any type of photography session - from family photos to full wedding day coverage. 

Photo taken with Upstate Warrior Solutions

Nonprofit Discount 2.png

FREE Photography for Nonprofit Organizations

For each of our photo sessions, our team invests a portion of the proceeds back into the community. In the past year, our clients have enabled us to support nonprofit entities like recovery clinics, homeless shelters and churches through both funding and photography. It’s our dream to have this client-enabled giving reach into communities and cultures throughout the world.

Photo taken with The Shalom House

State Discount.png

10% off for State Employees

Though Lotus Creative Studios was founded in South Carolina and is a member of the state's Perks Program, we're happy to offer a 10% discount to state employees everywhere. This discount can be applied to any type of photography session - from family photos to full wedding day coverage.

Photo taken with Brillig Industries